The technical dream, deployed towards the exploration of space, has also motivated an inverse movement: the opening of a subterranean world. Beneath the modern city there lies an immense spider’s web that sits beneath the visible city dependent on it; a functional and essential space that also serves as a symbolic, hidden sphere: the unconscious of the city. .

Title: La Ciudad Oculta
Internacional title: The Hidden City
Genre: Documentary
Estimated length: 90 minutes.
Shooting format: 6K
Screening format: DCP
Country of production: Spain · France
Original language: Spanish · French · English
Subtitles: Spanish · French · English
Produced by: El Viaje Films · Rinoceronte Films · Pomme Hurlante Films
Production year: 2017
Release year: 2018
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2,39:1
Sound: Dolby 5.1

Director: Víctor Moreno
Writers: Víctor Moreno y Rodrigo Rodriguez
Production: Jose A. Alayón
Cinematography by: Jose A. Alayón
Film editing by: Nayra Sanz

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