Renata is an American inmate at a prison in Spain. Now she is the main character of a lm. She has nally been noticed by someone, a novice lm- maker who directs her, alone, with a camera and a microphone. She believes her life story is the most extraordinary story ever to be told. He thinks he is has found the character of a lifetime. Both think they’re shooting a remarka- ble lm. But what kind of lm are these two characters really making?


While shooting the lm, they get lost in this desire of making a lm, and the camera and microphones capture something of which they never beco- me aware. Trusting each other blindly, they let their excitement take over and reveal their true selves. Then, one day out of the blue, Renata decides to tell the lmmaker why she is in prison.

Title: This Film is About Me
Genre: Documentary
Estimated length: 75 min ( lm), 55 (TV)
Shooting format: HD
Screening format: DCP
Country of production: Spain
Original language: English
Produced by: El Viaje Films · ADBFilm
Production year: 2017
Release date: 2018

Director: Alexis Delgado Búrdalo
Writer: Samuel M. Delgado · Alexis Delgado Búrdalo
Production: Jose. A. Alayón
Cinematography by: Jose A. Alayón · Alexis Delgado Búrdalo
Film editing by: Manuel Muñoz · Samuel M. Delgado
Music: Bruno Dozza
Graphic Designer: Denis Forigo

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THIS FILM IS ABOUT ME is a portrayal of Renata and myself, as her director and her friend. My main intention is to cause audiences to feel emotions that may contradict each other. I would like audiences to engage me in this game of deconstructing the mechanisms of their own prejudices and be taken to a place full of surprises. I would like to mix up their understanding of fact and ction, true or false, to lead them to a more complex and relativistic place in the human condition. I want audiences to be tickled by Renata’s eccentric behavior, and, at same time, put on edge by her troubling tendencies. I also want audiences to identify with Renata and me on a deeper, more human level, beyond any ideologic judgement or rst impressions. Because THIS FILM IS ABOUT ME talks about the desire to depict a world and how we see it and feel it. And I would like audiences to feel a bittersweet sensation from identifying themselves in this desire.

Alexis Delgado Búrdalo